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For over 48 years our firm has been dedicated to the practice of law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Recent events have been difficult for our country and our city.  As a firm we take seriously our obligation to represent clients even when their cases are controversial or unpopular.  This does not mean we are insensitive to the feelings of those who disagree with a position that a client may take.  We respect the constitutional right of all people to protest and have their voices heard and admire those who do so peacefully. 

Our legal system works best when every client is zealously represented.  Our lawyers have provided representation in a wide variety of controversial cases when other lawyers would not.  We do not accept or refuse a case based upon personal beliefs, nor is our advocacy on behalf of a client a statement of our personal beliefs.

We believe that every client deserves proper legal representation.  We present each case to the court, allow the court to make a reasoned decision, and respect the ruling of the court.